Why interest matters while making a career choice?

Why Interest matters while choosing career??

“Why am I wasting my time trying to get this subject into my head?” Frustration is bound to set in when you study but do not get the results. This happens only when you choose a career indifferently and regret later that interest matters while choosing career.

Just in a rush to make a career decision, most students pick up popular courses like Law, Engineering, Medical on the basis of career prospects and the pay scale offered. Eventually, so many are unable to find jobs or job satisfaction in the most popular professions?

Work, if enjoyed, is a pleasure otherwise a mundane labor. It matters a lot whether the particular career is of choice or imposed by circumstances. Dreams and desires are the basic reason to lead a decent life.

Choosing a career WITHOUT INTEREST brings with it:

Discontentment:  The most uneasy or disturbing disadvantage of choosing a wrong career is dissatisfaction. The continuous uproar or outrage of being in wrong place (God damn! why am I here …. OR why am I preparing for the bank when I always dreamt for an IAS, etc.) will make you anxious and eat away your peace of mind.

Slow progress: A stream you don’t love will not give you much name and fame. It is very much obvious that when you are not interested in reading or studying a subject for which you are being forced by the circumstances or anybody you won’t be able to put in your 100 % in that. This lack of effort and efficiency affects one’s growth.

Early morning blues: Every morning seems as ‘nightmare dressed in daydreams’ to those students who are involved in an apathetic career. The student is doing a work or project in which he is uninterested will always be scared and under constant thought as to what will happen when he is going to submit it.

Failure: Success doesn’t come easily to those students who involve themselves in a career that does not suit them. You might like to benefit from the 10 inspirational quotes for students. The outcome of choosing a career indifferently is a failure in school & college performance and exams. Remember, success always come where your heart is. Remember! Interest matters while choosing career, simply dragging your feet to a law college by getting influenced by peer pressure or any other reason will definitely not going to make you a Lawyer or a Judge.

Choosing a career on the basis of ‘my friends are opting this’ ‘I will start liking it’ or ‘my parents want this’ does not work. For their own good, students are far better off choosing a career in tune with their individual interests.

Now, if you choose a career WITH INTEREST as its basis:

 You will enjoy studying your subject: Relevance of education is the first step in every student’s career. You would enjoy studying the subjects and therefore they perform better.

You will be less conflicted and posses higher self-confidence: You will feel more secure and this in turn will boost your overall confidence. Read, beyond entrance, how to get a government or a bank job?

Definite success:  The key determinants to have a successful career are productivity, growth, and reward. Be it a career stemming from Vocational training or a mainstream career, a disinterested student is never likely to have a successful career and associated rewards.

Utilizing your best strength: Career based on interest closely aligned with our strength. One can prevent a situation where frustration is led by hard work by choosing a career that utilizes their best skills. So, know your interest and carefully choose your career path.

Developing innovation: Choosing a career that interests you may explode new innovation. At the very least, living becomes a pleasure if both interest and career are perfectly matched and complimentary to each other. Identify activities you enjoy and align with the education and training required. Create a point-system to identify the best suitable one and pursue with all your heart. Not everyone is lucky to realize his or her dreams in totality, many have to undergo changes and adjustments for those who do, must consider themselves the luckiest ones!!