Do you know the importance of internship? Know it here!

Do you know the importance of internship?

“Internships” are very important! An internship provides the all-important “experience” to drive your career in the right direction.

It is rightly said, “Learning is not preparation for life; Learning is life itself.”

Have you completed your Graduation but have not landed into any job? Frustration tends to set in when even after completing graduation from reputed Colleges/Universities students are unable to bag a job for themselves. One main reason for this is the lack of experience. Employers disdain this dearth of experience in young minds. Doing internship is one way to attain salvation in such situation.

If you are completing your Grads this year, OR even if you are to enter your college life then this post is for you. This post outlines the importance of internship in a student’s life when they go forth in their career.

Let’s read on the importance of internship in your career:

  • Real life experience & exposure: The first importance of internship is that it gives you the opportunity to gain first-hand exposure to work in the professional environment. As an intern, you gain actual work experience. Internships teach you more about the career path you are pursuing. It is a way to test drive possible jobs and explore different career options.
  • Connections and professional networks: The second importance of internship is that it provides an opportunity to attend meetings and events. By interacting with professionals, you learn smarter ways of communication and build new connections. Networking helps to acquire references and find new job opportunities. The ultimate goal of establishing relationships and acquaintances is to advance your professional career. Internships can even provide you with a professional mentor.
  • Explore yourself: ‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’-Aristotle. The experiences you go through are what shape you. Internships not only spur personal development but also a greater understanding of self. Knowing oneself means knowing our goals and how to best achieve them. Finding this level of clarity is quite difficult, but sometimes all it takes is trying something new, out of your comfort zone.
  • Enrich your CV: Your resumes will not get the second chance as you do when talking face to face. A resume is the first thing, looking at which, the employer creates a perception of your personality. Internships are the perfect way to enhance your resume through relevant experiences. It goes a long way to convince an employer that you are an asset to their company. Read, resume writing, what it is?
  • Opportunity to changeover into a full-time position: With an internship, you are given the opportunity to showcase your talents, skills, commitment, new ideas and value to a prospective employer. Employers are always seeking to add value to their organization. They are more inclined to hire you as a permanent employee once they have invested time and money to train you.
  • Time management: Time management is vital in every circumstance. In an internship, you will learn time management. You need to know that every minute counts when you are working in a fast paced professional environment, whether you are finishing tasks on deadlines, attending meetings, making phone calls, etc. Read, secret tips to time management in entrance exams.
  • Career foundation: Another importance of internship is that it is the building block for your future. It gives an opportunity to get your foot in the door with a company. Employers often use internships as a recruitment tool to test out future employees and in many cases, companies hire interns after graduation. It is important that you choose internships based on your interests and career prospects. Many internship help set the foundation for your career.

Towards the end-

Internships provide a nice learning curve for students with little experience of the real world. The more experience you can acquire, the better you position yourself for successfully landing a job. So next time, whenever you are on a gap year or summer break, consider indulging in a meaningful internship and build towards your future.

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