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Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are a group of 20 autonomous business schools.  Every year, they hold a national level entrance exam called CAT (Common Admission Test) on a rotational basis. The last CAT exam was held on November 25th, 2018 BY IIM Calcutta. For the year 2019, the exam is expected to be held on 24th November, 2019, by IIM Kozhikode.

IIMs offer a variety of post-graduate programs to their students. These are prestigious schools, and lakhs and lakhs of candidates write CAT for admissions into these offered programs every year. Post Graduate Programme, Doctoral and Executive education programs, Fellowship Program in Management (PhD equivalent) are some examples of it. Graduating from the IIMs is the dream of every MBA aspirants. It isn’t just a glorification of a perfect resume, but also a stepping stone into the world of bright careers.

In an attempt to provide the insight into various management programmes offered by the IIMs, the table below contains the list of 20 IIMs, courses offered, and official websites:


IIM Ahmedabad PGP FPM PGP- FABM PGPX https://www.iima.ac.in/web/iima
IIM Bangalore PGP FPM PGPEM PGPPM https://www.iimb.ac.in/
IIM Calcutta PGP FPM PGDM https://www.iimcal.ac.in/
IIM Jammu PGP http://www.iimj.ac.in/
IIM Kozhikode PGP FPM http://www.iimk.ac.in/
IIM Nagpur PGP https://www.iimnagpur.ac.in/
IIM Ranchi PGDM FPM PGDHRM https://www.iimranchi.ac.in/
IIM Sambalpur PGP http://www.iimsambalpur.ac.in/
IIM Sirmaur PGP http://www.iimsirmaur.ac.in/
IIM Udaipur PGP FPM https://www.iimu.ac.in/
IIM Amritsar PGP http://www.iimamritsar.ac.in/
IIM Bodh Gaya PGP http://www.iimbg.ac.in/
IIM Indore PGP FPM EPGP HRM https://www.iimidr.ac.in/
IIM Kashipur PGP FPM EPGP EFPM http://www.iimkashipur.ac.in/
IIM Lucknow PGP FPM PGP-ABM PGP-SM http://www.iiml.ac.in/
IIM Raipur PGP FPM PGPWE EFPM http://www.iimraipur.ac.in/
IIM Rohtak PGP http://www.iimrohtak.ac.in/
RGIIM Shillong PGP FPM PGPEX https://www.iimshillong.ac.in/
IIM Tiruchirappalli PGP FPM PGPBM https://www.iimtrichy.ac.in/
IIM Visakhapatnam PGP http://www.iimv.ac.in/


  • FPM: Fellowship Program in Management
  • PGP: Post Graduate Program/ PGDM: Post Graduate Diploma in Management / PGP-ABM
  • PGP-FABM: Post Graduate in Food and Agri-business Management
  • PGPX: Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives / EPGP: Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management
  • PGPEM: Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management 
  • PGPPM: Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy & Management
  • PGDHRM: Post graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management/ HRM: Human Resource Management 
  • EFPM: Executive Fellow Programme in Management 
  • PGP- SM: Post Graduate Programme – Sustainability Management
  • PGPWE: Post Graduate Programme in Management for Working Executive
  • PGPM: Post Graduation Programme in Business Management



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