How can I crack CLAT in 40 days?


CLAT, also known as (Common Law Admission Test) is a law entrance examination. It was first conducted in the year 2008 by the National Law School of India University. The test gives examinees the leverage of admission opportunities to enter premier law colleges of India. It’s conducted by 18 law colleges of India in accordance with the date of different law institutes’ establishment.

Currently, CLAT exam scores are officially accepted (but not limited) by 18 law colleges. There are other 43 education institutes and further, two public sector institutes that accept CLAT exam score as well.

CLAT Syllabus

CLAT consist of multiple choice questions with a division of five sections. The time duration of the exam is 2 hours. For every right MCQ answer, 1 mark is awarded. For every wrong MCQ answer, there is a negative marking of -0.25. Below listed are the syllabus topics and the score division structure:

• General knowledge and current affairs (50 marks)
• Legal aptitude (50 marks)
• English grammar and comprehension (40 marks)
• Logical reasoning (40 marks)
• Elementary Mathematics (20 marks)

CLAT is an aptitude based paper and hence, a traditional exam-preparation approach won’t be of much help. However, despite the existence of the traditional learning method, it does require test skills. And, because of the massive concentration on problem-solving and logical reasoning, it makes the exam highly competitive. In order to be able to crack CLAT exam within a preparation time-frame of 1 month to 40 days, consider the following:

Getting familiar with past CLAT trends:
The best way to start off any project is to understand the past mechanism. The same is for CLAT. Familiarize yourself with the past CLAT trends, so it’s easier to know how it’s done and where you should start. Make sure you know the syllabus and the structure like the back of your hand. Go through the previous years’ question papers. Solving the past question papers aid in fueling the preparation because not only does it enable clarity but also covers the practice sessions.

Joining institute for classroom experience:
While there are many ‘how to crack CLAT without coaching’ articles going around, please remember that the suggestion of enrolling oneself into a reputed and reliable institute is a choice. If you’re someone who believes that you perform better under professional guidance, don’t hesitate to sign up. A good coaching center doesn’t mean the pressure will be gone, but it helps you balance the pressure thereby leading to a calmer and strategized learning.

Practice and practice and more practice:
The preparation actually escalates with practice. The simplicity of logic here is, the more you practice the more equipped you will be for the exam. Time your test practices, this way you will be able to analyze your time-run as well. When it comes to practicing the mathematics section, keep a strong focus on accuracy. The key tip is to always use short-cuts whenever possible. Apply basic formulas like profit/ loss/ % to save time and have the question solved quicker.

Stay updated with current affairs and General knowledge:
This is probably the most advised for exams involving competition, that is, ‘Be updated with current affairs’. Because CLAT has a section of general knowledge and current affairs for 50 marks, you want to make sure you cover these two areas. General Awareness is an ocean of information which is almost impossible to know every fact by heart. The trick here is to tackles the sections which are most likely to come. And, this can be done by going through the previous years’ question paper and get an idea on the areas focused for the GK questions.

How to prepare for CLAT in one month or how to prepare for CLAT in 40 days isn’t something that comes on a plate to be eaten as breakfast. The easiest way to crack CLAT isn’t set on stone. It’s all about strategic and rational preparation. Also, it takes vehement determination and dedication. Keep motivating yourself and don’t forget to keep taking online mocks amidst all the preparation hustle. Good luck for CLAT 2019!