GMAT Aspirants, 5 factors that affect your global B-School admission

5 factors that affect your global B-School admission

Have you taken the GMAT before? Are you still preparing for it? What do you think affects your global B-School admission the most?

Since you are reading this, it can be said that the answer to one of these questions is yes, which means you are probably looking forward to an MBA based on your GMAT scores. Selecting the right MBA program is not only a lengthy and tiresome process but also needs thorough research before reaching a point of decision making. So, even if you are clueless about your choices after the exam, don’t worry, because we are going to talk about some important factors which should be considered while choosing the perfect global B-school option for you. Although, it should be noted that everyone has their own preferences and so personal choices might vary.

Let’s read through.

Post MBA Plans: The first and the foremost thing to keep in mind is your ambition and what is it that you seek after attaining an MBA. It might sound far-fetched but getting through a global B-school can be an expensive affair. While some people look for jobs, others start their own businesses and even plan to expand their family ventures. For some, MBA is the gateway to switch fields and careers. So, having a clear goal in your mind is very important. Different universities across the world offer specialization in different fields, so choose accordingly. The theoretical knowledge combined with a practical approach can provide an amazing kick-start to your career.

Class Diversity: This has been a major focus for both the university as well as the students in choosing a global b-school for higher education. If you look at any major global B- school, they pay a lot of attention to creating a diversified class. This means people from different nationalities, regions and religions come together to share their personal traits. But, why should you take diversity into consideration? When put among people from different cultures, you get to know new theories and beliefs which amaze you at first but give you teachings for life. For example, the culture in Harvard and Oxford may not be the same as that of a college in the eastern hemisphere. Mind you, this does not mean, either of them don’t have their own positives. Make sure that you choose the people who are going to be around you during your MBA, wisely.

Location Factor: The location of the global b-school should be among the top factors to determine the best option. A global b-school not only focuses on your academic growth but helps you transform your overall personality and helps you gel in with corporate counterparts. Professional growth in bigger cities is much faster and much more useful to an individual starting his/her career. With such impact, it becomes a necessity to consider the surroundings and environment as these factors will help you plan your future. Whatever the course may be, one will always find enough time for recreation. It helps come across like-minded people and a much needed recharge to the mind. For these and a lot more reasons, cities might be a better option for students. So, embrace the fast life that comes with the global b-school of your choice and look forward to it.

Recruitment Statistics: Whether you plan on pursuing a job or starting your own business, look for the recruitment stats and career services section in the brochure as well as on their website. This is important for both types of students as it defines the recognition and network of the school. The past records of recruitment highlights the outreach of the global b-school and how the big recruiters foresee, affects the graduates of the institution.

Curriculum and External Opportunities: While theoretical knowledge and practical exposure are essential for a sufficing MBA education, many schools have adopted new age methodologies and practical learning programs to introduce students to real-life situations. This experimental education is very important and includes student exchange programs and internship opportunities among many others. As an aspirant, you should look forward to these opportunities. The type of exposure you will receive in such a global b-school will provide you better learning than most classroom education systems and help you grow in the long run.

Even though there are several other factors which need to be looked into when deciding a global b-school, these features play an important role and should be considered when making a decision.