5 facts that exam repeaters refuse to admit

5 facts that exam repeaters refuse to admit

Have you appeared for an exam and did not clear it? Do you think – “I am responsible, this is my mistake”.  If you stand up and courageously accept this, the possibility of learning moves towards you. Exam repeaters  refuse to take ownership and accept their mistakes. Here are 5 facts that exam repeaters refuse to admit:

  1. They did not change their preparation strategy- Mostly students reappearing for exams fail to identify their shortcomings “where & how they missed out last time”. Exam repeaters should try to find out the misses. They should first identify the pattern, manage their time and then tackle the difficult ones. Try and make practical & feasible routine. Assign adequate time to various subjects and adhere to it. Try to analyze and understand the real posers. Rearrange the subjects and focus more on the tough ones.  If required seek genuine help from peers. Model questions & mock exercises and study material are easily available. Practise a lot and hone your skills till it becomes a natural flow. Share knowledge, “give yours and borrow from others” do not keep a huge bundle, that becomes intimidating.
  1. They are holding on to their week sections.Walk out into the cold, it will give shivers but make you face it. Identify own strength & weaknesses, if you are good, make it better. It is seen that students hold on to their excuse. Do not want to work out of the comfort zone. They close their eyes and wish the trouble away. That is wrong, “easy” is your man, but “difficulty” should be dealt first. Difficulties are there to stay it is for us to overcome them. Be combative, no quarters spared! Do not blame it on others, it is you who matter and no one else.
  1. Their preparation routine lacked discipline:Another big problem with the exam repeaters is they lack discipline pertaining to their preparation. Don’t deny self-accusation. Remember! Problem feeds on disorganized. Develop a regular and consistent routine of your studies, do not be convulsive. Keep this in mind that steady wins the race.  Prepare a realistic study plan, stick to it and resolve to overcome weakness. Lack of concentration and giving excuses for distraction won’t work. Make self-assurance a habit it will help you develop self-esteem.
  1. They had lost the zeal for the exam: Exam repeaters have a tendency to take hardship as impossibilities. They are reluctant to rejuvenate themselves. Remember! Lethargy and negativity are big disasters and many have fought against the impossibilities. Do not look for easier options, had life been easier, why were we born then?  It is you who have to break the wall and walk over to the other side. Set your goals, look into the inner mirror, the reflection is ‘The Truth’. Challenges are the way of life, look at your peers, draw inspiration and find means and ways to bypass the situation.
  1. They let their fears numb them from life’s goodness: Stare at your fear, fear will blink. Lack of preparation results in failure. If you fear, you will be unable to overcome your obstacles. Draw strength from the failures, don’t take a back seat, rise and overcome your shortcomings. Self-resignation is not the solution, doing yoga and meditation will help you. Take firm steps one at a time, you tried once, try again, who stops?

Remember! Success is always noticed, nobody cares for your failure. You are the one who is going to learn from it. If you admit that you have made the mistake, it is going to accelerate your progress. Let gone be bygone, closing eyes won’t make the trouble go away. Obstacles are meant to be crossed, don’t let them stand there, there is no way out, you either be afraid or be a winner. So, be ready because readiness breeds fear.

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