Delhi University Entrance Test: Keeping Students on Tenterhooks!

Delhi University Entrance Test
  • No entrance test for the academic session 2018-19
  • Three different tests proposed in 2019: For Science, Commerce, and Humanities
  • Tests will be online, and used as a filtration process; Boards to carry weightage

Delhi University, one of the most-sought-after education abodes post class XII and graduation, had put on hold, for a year, its ambitious plan to conduct entrance exams for its various undergraduate courses. After much ado about its admission process, the University has now decided to ring in changes from the 2019-20 academic session only, citing more deliberations required as the reason.

For the last few days, there has been a lot of buzz around a possible entrance test for at least one of the most coveted programs at DU, namely, B.Com. (Hons). The program attracts a lot of attention every year due to its steep cut-offs. Moreover, the possible cornering of the majority of the seats in the course at SRCC by students from a particular school in Tamil Nadu, given the high scores attained by the state’s students in their class XII State Board exams could be the probable cause.

Along the lines adopted by the Central Government to have national exams for Central Universities, DU has been mulling over the proposal for an entrance test sometime now but has not been able to provide any concrete shape to it.

On January 19, 2018, the University’s sub-committee that was looking into a possible online entrance exam for admissions proposed an aptitude test as a filtration system for selecting students from different Boards, but to be implemented from the next academic year only. One can, of course, argue about the possible issues that might arise, but the fact that DU has been conducting online entrances for some of its programmes (like BMS) across different cities shows that a system is already in place that can be used as a tool for other courses.

The more important matter, however, is that, with the entrance exam proposed to be a filtration system, it will only add more pressure on the students, who already have a lot on their plates due to their Board exams. Additionally, if media reports are to be believed, the University is also exploring three different tests: for Science, Commerce, and Humanities. This is totally unwarranted; and will only add to the confusion.

As it stands, there are two likely scenarios:

Scenario 1: Separate Entrance Test for each Stream

This will add further pressure on students to continue with the same stream, rather than seek a change. For instance, a student looking for a shift from Science to Commerce will now have an additional burden of preparing for Commerce subjects, over and above his/her preparations for the Boards.

Scenario 2: One Common Entrance Test based on Aptitude

Easily, the better of the two options that can be used as a complete process, rather than simply a filtration system. In fact, the University has already adopted this system for some of its programs (BMS, BBE, etc.).

With DU receiving more than 2 lakh applications every year; and an admission process that is already quite complicated (there were as many as 11 cut-offs last year), conducting an entrance exam is a welcome move; but only if it is fair to all, and does not put anyone to a disadvantage.

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