CAT ’16 truly tested his spunk- 99.86%ile in first attempt!

Devang Roongta cracked CAT 2016 in first attempt!

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful”- said Joshua J. Marine. The quote stands true in case of Devang Roongta who, in his first attempt only cracked CAT 2016 with a whopping score of 99.86%ile.

About Devang:

Devang Roongta an Electrical Engineer from IIT Roorkee, hails from Pune. Moving forward in his career, Devang joined an IT firm for 30 months. After spending two and a half years of his life in IT sector, he thought of switching his career to Finance and work as an Equity Research Analyst. To fulfill this dream Devang knew he had to go under the hammer again, this time to face CAT; to ace CAT.

Devang did not have prior experience of CAT, as this was his first attempt, but, like it is said, it doesn’t matter from where you start, you can always make it to where you want to be. He decided to have professional guidance and joined Career Launcher Pune center. Therefore, He started preparing for CAT 2016 with all his head and heart. His scores were not up to the mark till he started following GP Sir’s blog. He worked round the clock to master all the concepts. He took many mocks and practice tests and kept working to achieve what he had to. This was a month and a half to CAT when the exam pressure is at its extreme height and one has a tendency to give up. Miraculously, his percentile in mocks improved from an average 85-86 to 99+ and the result did justice to all the hard work that he had put in. He cracked CAT 2016 scored a whopping 99.86%ile.

Recapitulation of Devang’s journey in his own words:

My name is Devang Roongta and I am from Pune. I did my electrical engineering from IIT Roorkee and have been working in IT sector for 30 months. I wanted to switch my career from IT to Finance and work as Equity Research Analyst. Therefore, I started preparing for CAT 2016. I don’t have prior experience of CAT, as this was my first attempt. CL classroom program helped me a lot with its study material, online test series and good faculty. I would especially like to thank Hitesh Sir in CL Pune center which is because of him I scored 99.86 percentile in LRDI and Quant.

Career Launcher is beneficial for every kind of student preparing for CAT. The material is divided into levels 1, 2, 3 according to the difficulty level so it covers every student, whether he or she is a fresher or a repeater. Also CL percentile predictor predicted my percentile 99.8 which was very close to my actual score. I would recommend Career Launcher to every CAT aspirant, as the study material and the sheets in classroom are of high quality and there is sufficient study material for practice. Faculty is really good and available 24*7. I used to WhatsApp my questions and instantly got answers, so they are very helpful. My advice to the future CAT aspirants is to give as much tests as possible (minimum 30) and to give equal time to all sections.CAT is all about selection of questions. Also, be aware of the interview process because scoring well in CAT is only half of the journey and the journey is too long.”

This is the story of Devang Roongta- The guy who bell CAT 2016 in his first attempt.