Clearing NEET has become mandatory to pursue MBBS abroad

NEET has become mandatory

Eying for a degree in MBBS from Foreign University? You have to appear for the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) exam from now on.

Yes! NEET Exam, as is well-known, had already been made mandatory to study medicine in any government or private medical colleges in India. Furthermore, the Central government has now made NEET exam mandatory for even those students who aspire to study medicine in Foreign University. The move aims to make sure that only good quality students study medicine in foreign universities.

Previously, medical graduates gaining degrees from foreign institutes had to take Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) conducted by the Medical Council of India (MCI) before registering to practice as doctors in the country. However, the passing percentage has been abysmally poor. Only 10-15 percent of the students are able to clear the MCI licentiate exam every year which says a lot about the quality of students and standard of medical education they receive in other countries.

Currently, any student who has passes class 12th from any board with 50% marks only, needs to procure an Eligibility Certificate-EC from MCI to move offshore to become a doctor. There is no point for Indian students to go abroad for a five and a half-year course that costs a lot of money if they are not able to practice medicine upon their return.

The main concern is about the quality of students who can easily get a degree in medicine from abroad and the poor quality of education being imparted in the institutions they enroll in.By making NEET mandatory, it will streamline the foreign medical examination and raise the dismal pass percentage of students at FMGE examination; at least one of these main issues can be addressed.

In case the aspirants fail to clear the NEET exam, they shall not be given the ‘No objection’ certificate for studying in foreign universities. In case the medical aspirants fail to get the no-objection certificate they won’t be able to practice in India.

The implicit objective of making NEET Examination mandatory will make the entry-level qualification for medical education equal for all candidates.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing the article. It is very helpful. I am preparing for NEET 2019 in Pune. Please keep us updated with your article.