Challenges of a 21st-Century Law Professional: Justice Dipak Misra tells us all


When we talk about modern skills, modern paradigms, challenges; a base, a ground, a strong foundation is required.  According to Justice Dipak Misra, law students should be confident and never suffer from intellectual inferiority. If the student is intellectually inferior, he can never take up any challenge.

Law is a noble profession and it shall remain noble as long as the human civilisation survives, but the nobility of this profession rests on the singular quality that one maintains their intellectual aristocracy and intellectual objectivity.

The controversy, the tussle, the struggle, the fight, the battle, and the war, begins with traditional knowledge and modern challenges. There is a distinction between the skills of the past and the skills required in the present. Unless students acquire the skills of the past, they cannot learn the skills needed in the present, said Justice Dipak Misra.

Justice Dipak Misra also talked about the ghost: Artificial Intelligence. Addressing the law aspirants, he further said, “You are the master, you are the ruler, you are the sovereign of Artificial Intelligence. You are to use, and not to be ‘used’ by it!”

In the end, Justice Dipak Misra congratulated UPES and delegates from the University of the Law, UK for the MoU which was signed on 16th October.