Career Options for History Lovers

History Career Options
History Career Options

Are you thinking – what can you do with a history degree?Are you looking out for ‘history career options’?

Read on to find answers to these ….

History is the study of events which have happened in the past, including the evolution of civilization, great changes which have affected the political and social condition of human race, rise, and fall of nations. Although, sometimes it is mistaken by considering it merely, as a study of past events. But the study of history is extremely important in today’s society, not only to remember the past but also to shape the future by learning from it. Everything that has been done is “History” meaning, that history directly affects us every day. Those who study history remain in touch with the society and apply their knowledge of the past to resolve issues of the present. A career in history has its own advantages, which adds to the overall profile of the aspirant.

Some of the careers in history are listed below –

History Career Option 1: Historians –

A historian has a very interesting job of studying and interpreting the information about the past. These individuals create history books pertaining to topics ranging from ancient history to important dates and events. It is their work to read and research over all documents and then collate historical descriptions from them. For all history lovers, this is a fascinating profession.

Expected salary: 4-5 lacs per annum

“We are not makers of history, we are made by history”- Martin Luther King

History Career Option 2: Archaeologists

Archaeologists are people who discover, collect and analyze material remains of societies and cultures from the past. They also study history by digging up human artifacts and remains. They work with local authorities, museums, assisting in preservation, conservation, display and interpretation of artifacts, assisting research organizations carrying out research and educational work.

Expected salary: 4-6 lacs per annum

History Career Option 3: Educators or Teachers 

One of the most obvious history career option is teaching. Educators focus on sharing their knowledge bank. Educators can be teachers in schools, professors or lecturers in colleges. But educators are also members of the education system as they create all relevant documents we find in school curriculums. They work in historic sites and museums where history majors can become docents, education directors, and interpreters. Additionally, there are also forms of teaching which don’t involve standing in front of a classroom. These include work as historical consultants, contract archivists, public historians, writers, and even filmmakers.

Expected salary:  5-7 lacs per annum

History Career Option 4: Advocates 

History offers a career in law as well. It offers an experience in logical argumentation or history course writing and enhances the analytical skills which are necessary for both law school teachers and lawyers. Students of history who want to become a lawyer are required to be graduated from a law school. They work in law firms, litigation and law courts.

Expected salary: 6 lacs per annum

The above-mentioned list of History Career Options is not comprehensive and there could be many more careers for History lovers. So, what are you waiting for? Take up a career of your choice and create your own HISTORY.