Career in PSUs- Give a boost to your career now

Career in PSUs - Give a boost to your career now

Are you looking for a high paying and secured job in one of the Maharatana, Navratana and Miniratana companies? Oh! Did you say yes? Then you must be well aware of PSUs? Read, start over with a meaningful career choice. Landing career in PSUs is not an easy task, it can be a realistic option for you provided, either you are willing to study hard or you are extremely intelligent.

This post talks about the expediency one can enjoy with a job in PSU. Various posts offered by PSUs are Engineering Executive Trainee, Management Trainee, Assistant Executive Engineer, Accounts Officer, Medical Laboratory Officer, Systems Officer, Scientist, Engineering Trainee etc.

Read on to know the advantages of having a career in PSUs:

Lucrative pay packages:  Career in PSUs is money making. Starting salaries at executive level in PSUs is often higher than that of a person working at equivalent position in any private sector organization. In addition to the salary, many other leverages and monetary benefits in PSUs are there like, free medical insurance, easy to get loans, retirement benefits, performance based incentives etc.

Job security: The biggest advantage of working in a PSU is the tremendous job security that a person longs for. In an unstable economic environment or even if the economy goes through a difficult phase, it is highly unlikely for one to know that he is going to lose his job, which is definitely an invaluable asset if you are having a career in such a place.

Growth opportunity: As compared to the private sector, working in a PSU also provides employees with great growth opportunities. The path of getting an increment or a promotion in PSUs is more transparent and reliable. There is a surety that an employee if works hard and meet targets, will grow as a professional within the companies rank due to regular promotions and increments.

Legitimate job: Career in PSUs is socially celebrated. It is considered to be very reputable as one is working in a government sector and serving the nation. Additionally, as a PSU employee, one might get frequent opportunities to travel for work around the country and interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Post the enlistment of the benefits; let us briefly tell you what PSU is all about.

Public Sector Undertakings- PSUs are the government owned corporations or state-owned enterprises either fully or through a majority stake. These are created by the Government of India to undertake commercial activities on behalf of the government.  Most of the PSUs are involved in industries that require massive investments and are necessary for public welfare, such as the Oil Industry, Banking, Power Industries etc. Under the aegis of the Government of India several PSUs regularly provide tremendous job opportunities in various technical and management areas. Examples of popular PSUs are Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd- ONGC, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd- IOCL, Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd- BHEL, etc.

Unlike other Government jobs, PSUs do not follow a fixed recruitment policy. Recruitment of a particular PSU solely depends on the number of vacancies for that year. However, it is assured that some or the other PSU will be recruiting graduates in the year you complete your Bachelor’s degree.

So basically when u choose, either it is the lifestyle, salary, growth etc. that you will choose or just the jobs themselves. Read, the need of career mentors.

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