Career Diary can do magic in a student’s life

A self-exploration and stress management tool for students

Career Diary can do magic in a student’s life

Have you heard the popular saying – “Keep a diary and someday it will keep you”!

Sometimes the challenges in a student’s life are so overwhelming that it is hard to make sense of it all. Burdened with these difficulties, stress and challenges students tend to discuss their daily life stress and work with their friends, parents and professionals. However, sometimes you don’t feel like doing that and you keep your worries, anxiety and stress in your heart. Are you one such student?

To process out negative thoughts, worries and feelings and to discuss daily life events, keeping a career diary can prove to be a good companion for you. A career diary will document your thoughts and can prove to be a self-exploration and stress management tool. Not just that, as a student, you may feel relieved if you start expressing your career needs, aspirations, and realities as part of this career diary.

In this post we will discuss how career diary can be a source of solutions and does magic in students’ life.

  • Career diary clarifies your thinking and feeling: sometimes you may feel unsure of what you feel or want. For instance, if you have number of exams lined up and you are confused which one you should focus on more, which subject you should start with, etc. Writing, forces one to examine his thoughts more critically and logically. Writing a diary gives an opportunity to express your thoughts and emotions and gain clarity on your ideas that are existing in your mind as rolling tumbleweeds. The career diary will play the role of a mentor inside you and will build that capability over time.
  • Career diary helps introspection: career diary act as a profound pool of personal reflection. By writing routinely and pouring out your ideas onto a blank page reveal some diamonds in you that may be swept out off the door like an ordinary dust of filtered mind. For instance, if you write down how much have you prepared for your exam, how much is left, what all things need more practice and revision etc. documenting help you know your weakness and strengths. It will help you to know what makes you feel confident and happy. It also gives you a privilege to track and acknowledge yourself how you have grown and changed.
  • Career diary helps to harness the creativity within: Every person is creative in our own ways. Only few have the ability to unlock it and flatters it out in the open. Diary writing unlocks your capabilities and offers opportunity to unexpected solutions for seemingly unsolvable problems. Writing about your experiences in a diary not only helps you process them, but also help to see opportunities that you may not have been apparent at first glance.It taps your inner creative genius and nurture out great idea into the light.
  • Career diary help to stretch your IQ: Writing has a positive co-relation with intelligence, if seen as a part of learning language. Vocabulary is one of the best single measures of overall intelligence. Vocabulary is the thing in which one must excel to crack any competitive exam these days. Writing involves exploration of language, because of which you will naturally develop an urge to search new words and increase your vocab. Therefore, writing down what you feel help you improve your vocabulary and intelligence in some or the other way.
  • Career diary boosts memory and comprehension: There is a unique relation between the brain and hands, triggered by the composition of ideas and thoughts. Words and formation of letters are representation of ideas that causes the mind to compose and recompose the idea while writing. When you write about an idea or an event your memory is reinforced with that idea or event. This forces your brain to engage in cognitive recall thus strengthening your memory. Besides, it will function like an alarm clock and your mommy will not have to worry about reminding you.
  • Career diary can enhance peace: At times you might come of thoughts or persistent worries or repetitive concerns that just don’t go away. Chances are when you concentrate on not to think you tend to focus more on it. An easy way to free your mind is to write. Try to express your feelings and thoughts. By doing this, you can put an end to your racing thoughts and can relax your mind. Documenting your thoughts can help you to manage your overflowing emotions and minimize stress and anxiety.
  • Career diary can make you more focused and organized: Every day many thoughts get boxed into our small mind. It includes some vital decisions, deepest confessions and things related to externalities that may affect our life.  These are insights of our present and future life. By jotting down these vital details, you will be in better position to order your life and hold yourself responsible for anything even in busy hours. Documenting your thoughts gives direction to all your thoughts and feelings. You will be able to emerge as triumphant with controlled and balanced approach.

I think having a career diary is for you – write for yourself and write with the purpose of moving towards positive mindset. Put your pen to paper and start writing your thought.

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