5 Bollywood movies for Law Aspirants

Bollywood movies serve as source of knowledge

5 Bollywood movies for Law Aspirants

“Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out” ― Martin Scorsese

Movies can serve as a source of knowledge and information as they hold a mirror to us and often give a reflection of the society. This blog talks about how and what Bollywood movies can teach law aspirants. It will give you insights into how Bollywood movies depict the actual scenario and a positive image of Law on the Law aspirants.

We have handpicked a few Bollywood movies that somewhere or somehow provide an insight into legal studies.

  1. OH MY GOD: The movie directed by Umesh Shukla in 2012 is satirical Indian comedy drama. The film depicts an atheist Hindu or disillusioned person who lost his shop in a minor hit of an earthquake. He sued God as his insurance company declined his claims saying that it is not liable as his shop was destroyed due to an ‘Act of God’. It shows defense- Act of God under Law of Tort. Tort is a civil wrong that is neither a breach of contract nor a breach of trust. It includes things such as negligence, malicious prosecution, defamation, trespass, nuisance, fraud etc.  Under tort, the defendant liability can be avoided by taking some of the defences like VNFI, Private defence, inevitable accident and Act of God.
  1. Jolly LLB: A Bollywood movie directed by Subhash kapoor. It is a social satire courtroom comedy drama. This movie depicts the life at a district court and the flawed judiciary system that exists in the country. Jolly who aspires to be a popular lawyer, moves to Delhi to enhance his career prospects. He meets his inspiration, a high-profile advocate in the court room. He admires his idol for his intelligence and courage to fight for justice and expresses his profound respect to him.
  1. Rustom: A 2016 movie directed by Tinu Suresh Desai is an Indian crime thriller movie. The movie is entirely based on famous K M Nanavati case. The case in which last time Jury trial happened in India. The sensational court case KM Nanavati VS the state of Maharashtra to have been tried by the Bombay High Court. The case that left the whole nation in fuss as to whether the murder committed by Nanavati was premeditated move or in the heat of the moment.
  1. Talvar: Hindi language drama film directed by Meghna Gulzar was released in 2015. The film was based on real incident of 2008 double murder case of Noida. The case in which parents were convicted for the murder of their daughter and family servant. The film makers showed the legal process, police investigation and the judiciary.
  1. Court:  An Indian independent legal drama film directed by Chaitanya Tamhane. This film was released in 2014. At the session court in Mumbai through the trial of an ageing folk singer this movies examines the Indian Legal system. The film setting depicts the real trial unfolding in the lower court, redundant and technical arguments, misplaced documents, lawyers as not good orators, etc.  Just the opposite of what an audience would expect from a courtroom film.

If you are a Law aspirant, it would be interesting for you to watch the above movies to get some valuable knowledge and inspiration. Happy watching!

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