Board Exam and Entrance Test Preparation: Where should your focus be?

Board Exam Preparation

It is that time of the year when most students are anxious about the Board exams that are due to start next month. What adds to their woes is the time gap between the Boards and the various entrance exams scheduled for April and May.

While the Boards test the intellect of an individual, the entrance exams are more challenging and evaluate the logical aptitude of a student. So, a great deal of planning is required. Failure to do justice to both is a major fear, which many students grapple with during this time; making juggling the two quite a demanding task.

How to strike the balance

Having a good plan is the first step to success. By now, you must have adequately completed the syllabus for both Boards and the competitive exams you wish to sit for; and may also have started with the revisions of your Board papers. It is important to invest three-to-four hours every day on your school subjects. At the same time, continue working for the competitive exams for 90–120 minutes daily.

As the competitive exams will test your logical abilities and what is happening around you, practice is the key. Usually, most students set aside their preparations for these exams at this time of the year; but, in reality, they need your attention, as a gap can prove to be detrimental to your chances two months later. Keep yourself abreast of current affairs by reading newspapers and monthly current-affairs magazines. At the same time, it is equally important to spend 2 hours a week to write Mocks.

Being stress-free is important

A bit of stress about exams is beneficial, as it keeps you alert. But it should not become an obstacle. Both your body and mind need to relax. Take some time out to read, go for a stroll, or indulge in a sport. Eat healthy, and listen to music. And remember, there is no substitute for a healthy dose of sleep every night.

Our analysis of data about students who exceled in various important competitive exams (CLAT, AILET, etc.) in 2017 provided us with a valuable insight into how they managed their test-prep requirements. We found that the top rankers in law-entrance exams spent an average of 30 minutes on our online learning platform myLST almost every alternate day. Also, they never delayed writing their Mocks. In fact, they wrote it the same day it was activated.

It is apparent that these students were clear about their goals; and maintained their focus, when everyone else diverted their attention to the Boards. They never compromised between the two; and came out with flying colors not only in the entrance exams, but in their Board exams, as well.

So, keep calm, and be focused. At the end, it is all about perseverance, which pays.

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