App-based learning-Game changers of Indian educational space


Nowadays, Technology has become an integral part of our daily life which assists us with everything. The mobile devices which were said to cause distraction now offer a plethora of learning platforms to students reforming the crux of education. The handheld devices have provided children with various technological tools at their fingertips. As we move towards the world of technology-based learning, educational apps are providing ample possibilities for the advancement of learning and education.

Let’s understand how these apps based on learning are advantageous:

  1. Educational apps make learning easier

Educational apps just don’t make learning process informative and engaging but also create an element of fun and enjoyment while learning. It’s no more just learning but also testing of what you have learned with various quizzes, fill-ups, assignments, and contests which causes these apps to become a center of attraction. It provides lives classes along with assigning mentors to students who enroll for various courses to get an expert’s advice on the subject with just one click of a button. Also, these help students to imagine the 3D dimensional concepts which cannot be possible to view orally. So with animated designed videos, it becomes easier to grasp the concepts which root deeper and faster into the mind. Moreover, these opportunities give the commands into students’ hand to learn with their own pace.

  1. Bring all students together

Educational apps aim at uniting learners across borders under one roof. Therefore educational apps have created a rich tapestry of technology-enabled learning experience involving various students across the world to connect.

  1. New Learning Method

In this era of modernization educational applications is a boon towards learning which not only keeps students engaging and informative but also provides learning with visuals that makes the process interactive. It enables students to quickly solve maths equations, interestingly understand science, learn and retain knowledge about historical facts with ease and take quizzes to enrich the knowledge. This gives controls to teachers where they can deliver the lesson, monitor the progress of students, get immediate feedback, and stay organized.

  1. E-books and online books available

Apps provide students with online study material so they don’t have to hunt or buy books related to their subject. This helps them save time as well as money. E-books are very handy so one can carry them whenever required.

  1. Decreases communication gap between students and teachers

With the traditional method, institutions cannot pay equal attention to all the students. School communication apps enable to impart information to all the students; they inform them about the new schedules, different forums, various conferences, and social activities.


Game changers of Indian educational space- Apps like Byju’s, Vedanta, etc

Educational apps are absolutely game-changer in the arena of education and are growing towards a spectacular future. It has created a more relaxed vicinity for learners by providing millions of opportunities. These aren’t just the game-changer to educational space in India but have been spread across various countries providing learners all over the world to learn better and faster. Technology has made learning hassle-free and has set a mark in education.

Summing up apps based learning opens a bundle of opportunities for the students to study from anywhere to everywhere. Some students just prefer this style of learning as they provide them easier means to grasp important stuff through visuals which weren’t possible with the traditional form of learning. Moreover, it provides students to test their knowledge at various stages by containing practice test at different levels. So, learning in collaboration with technology has grown and taken the lead in the crux of educational space.