Ace your Logical Reasoning preparation for law entrance exams

Ace your Law entrance Logical Reasoning preparation

Students aspiring for prestigious law entrances like CLAT, AILET, SET or BLAT cannot afford to ignore Logical Reasoning section. Logical Reasoning abbreviated as  LR section is considered relatively difficult among all other sections of law entrances . Also, the number of questions in this section are more as compared to other sections.

Dedicated practice and speed management is the best way to master this section. One can boost his/her overall score by clearing the concepts and mastering short-cuts. To help you score well in Logical Reasoning section, we have come up with concrete preparation strategy.

Following types of questions are featured  in the Logical Reasoning section of law entrances:

  • Syllogisms
  • Logical Sequences
  • Number Test
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Reasoning: Statement Assumptions/ Conclusions/ Arguments/Actions
  • Blood Relations
  • Directions
  • Ranking
  • Arrangements
  • Calendar

Follow these pointers to stay ahead of the competition in the LR section.

Knowledge of basics: Firstly,  conceptual knowledge ought to be at the base of your preparation. To identify the pattern and quickly solve questions, you should enhance your basic knowledge of coding, blood relations, directions, syllogisms, etc. Once you are clear with the conceptual understanding, you can aim to attempt 35 to 37 questions from this section.

Take help of previous year papers: Logical Reasoning is never taught in schools, it is a new area for students, therefore, it requires a little bit of hard work initially. To acquaint yourself with this section, it is advisable to refer to previous year papers. Going through previous year papers will help you to understand the trend and difficulty level of questions.

Time management strategy: Device a plan of action and time management strategy. Devote enough time to every question. For regular practice, you must devote 45 to 60 minutes every day to Logical Reasoning section. This will also help you to identify your strong and weak areas.

Go through standard books: You should refer one standard book for conceptual clarity and practice. Referring too many books is just a waste of time. You can try CL’s Law Books and materials. It is comprised of solved questions and useful tips. You can also refer ‘Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey’.

Join online test series: Take online mock tests on a regular basis by joining online test series. Try CL’s Law test Series. Online tests prepare you better than paper pen tests. The online tests enable you to discover your strength and weakness and gives you an opportunity to build your confidence and acquaint with online test platform.

Learn shortcut technique: The more you practice more time you will save. Solving logical reasoning questions has no straight shortcut. You can learn shortcut techniques only by practicing. It will also enable you to find more convenient and simpler ways to solve different questions.

Hope this post has helped you identify and remember some useful tips while preparing for logical reasoning section of any Law entrance. Keep preparing stay focused! Wish you luck!!

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