Top 5 committees in news

Top 5 committees in news

With banking and SSC exams round the corner, you all must be gearing up to work on your weak areas and brush up your concepts. But, when it comes to the General Awareness section, we all tend to skip a few things. You all will agree that no one can mug up everything related to the GK section, however, a smart study plan can work wonders for you.

To ease your anxiety about how to prepare for the General Awareness section, we bring to you a post elucidating about top Government committees that have been in the news. Let’s read and learn about them.

  1. Shankar Acharya Committee was formed on by the Union Finance Ministry on July 06, 2016. The main objective to set up this committee was to examine the feasibility of having a new financial year. The committee is headed by the Chief Economic Advisor Dr. Shankar Acharya. Other eminent members of the committee include KM Chandrasekhar, former Cabinet Secretary; PV Rajaraman, former Finance Secretary, Tamil Nadu and Dr. Rajiv Kumar, senior fellow, centre for policy research.


  • The committee was formed with an aim to analyse merits and demerits of select dates for a new financial year, including the existing ones.
  • The committee will have to reason out the feasibility of new dates for all departments and ministries, including agriculture and its benefits to the central and state governments.
  • Besides, the committee will also have to examine the impact on businesses, taxation systems, data collection and budget work.
  1. Anand Desai Committee was formed by the Central Government on June 21, 2016. The committee was established to investigate the Specific Relief Act, 1963.

Let’s first understand what Specific Relief Act is all about. 

Specific Relief Act- Specific Relief Act delineates that protection of life and property cannot be assured by mere declaration of rights and duties. This must be supplemented by legal devices which help the individual to enforce his rights. The purpose of the Specific Relief Act is to assure that whenever there is a wrong there must be a remedy.

Recommendation of the committee

  • To introduce provisions for rights of third parties
  • To consider addressing unfair contracts, reciprocity in contracts and implied terms
  • Need to classify diverse Public utility Contracts as a distinct class
  1. TSR Subramanian Committee was formed by the HRD Ministry on May 27, 2016. The main focus of the committee was the National Education Policy. The committee was headed by TSR Subramanian. Chief members of the committee include Shailaja Chandra, Sevaram Sharma, Sudhir Mankad and Prof. JS Rajput.


  • Union HRD Ministry had initiated the process for framing a New Education Policy. The process included online, and national level thematic deliberations on 33 themes.
  1. DB Shekatkar Committee was formed by the Union Government on May 20, 2016 with an objective to put forward measures on defence expenditure. It is an eleven member committee, headed by Lt. Gen. DB Shekatkar (Retd.).


  • Committee will work on re-balancing the overall defence expenditure and also improvise salary and pension bills.
  • The implementation of the defence One Rank One Pension and 7th Central Pay Commission suggest the need of increment in manpower in the defence budget.
  • Though, there has been an increment of 10 percent (Rs. 3.4 lakh crore) in 2016-17, the allocations for capital expenditure undergone decline (34.7 percent).
  1. Justice RM Lodha Committee was formed by the apex court of India, the Supreme Court of India in January 2013. The panel comprised of RM Lodha and retired Supreme Court judges, Ashok Bhan and R Raveendran.


The committee gave recommendations on various aspects of Indian cricket at the central and state level. Let us now briefly go through various recommendations that were accepted.

  • Ministers and civil servants cannot hold BCCI offices.
  • Office bearers must not be above over 70 years.
  • A person cannot hold more than one office at a time.

After reading this post, you must be well-acquainted with the top committees that were formed in 2016.

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