6 reasons why it is good to start preparing early for Law Entrances

start preparing early for law entrances

There is a saying which goes like “Execute like there is no tomorrow, strategize like there will always be one.”  This exactly is what this post is all about. Here, we shall discuss why it is good to start preparing early for Law Entrances.

In India, Law has always been one of the most preferred career options. Read about Law as a career at our Law Homepage. The respect that comes with it, the reputation that it has is hard to match. For most of the law aspirants, the inspiration to become a lawyer comes from a lawyer itself. It can be a famous lawyer who has fought for a cause, or for a celebrity, might have made millions, or would have fought for a social cause for free. It can be a family member who stands out amongst the rest of the family; it can be a neighbor whose profession helps him garner much respect.

Now, once we have decided that Law is the career for us it is time to decide when to start our law entrance preparations. Many students are of the notion that they should start their law entrance exam coaching as early as possible like let us say immediately after their class 10 exams or early at the start of class 11. Many students start their preparations when they enter class 12 because they believe one year is a sufficient time for cracking the entrance exams and then there are students who wait for their class 12 board exams to get over and then start a quick and fast preparation for law entrance tests.

Although, you may decide when you want to start your preparations but it is always good and suggested to start with a right approach and most importantly start early. Let us now discuss few advantages of start preparing early for Law Entrances.

  1. Entrance exams are a new thing: Law Entrance exams are aptitude exams and it is not a secret that the secret of cracking an aptitude exam lies in practice. Where your fundamentals need to be strong it is important to be well equipped with different strategies to crack this exam. Having enough time in your hand will help you in adjusting yourself to competitive exams mode.
  2. Enough time to start a fresh: When you have enough time in hands you can start your preparations a fresh in case of any mistake that might have occurred.
  3. Enough time to perfect the complete syllabus: When you start your preparations at the last moment, you have to pick important topics and leave a few behind because you don’t have enough time but that is always a risk. Whereas, when you start early you can study and perfect complete syllabus.
  4. Enough time to relax: Preparing for entrance exams or any exam for that matter can be exhaustive. Starting your preparation immediately after you have toiled hard for your class 12 board exams can lead to further exhaustion. Whereas, when you start early you can take brief breaks in between to relax your mind a bit.
  5. Mentoring: When you start your entrance exams coaching early you can always seek out to your mentor. A good test prep institute will always mentor you for your entrance exam and simultaneously guide you for your class 12 board exam as well.
  6. Legal Aptitude: In your law entrance exams there is a section which tests you on legal aptitude and it is not easy to develop it in a couple of weeks. When you start early you have enough time to prepare for legal aptitude. To read how to prepare for legal aptitude click here.


Many students have this doubt that if they start preparing early for law entrances they might lose focus from their class 12 board exams. However, this is not true. With right strategies and right planning, you can prepare for both the exams equally well. To read our post on how to prepare for class 12 and law entrance tests simultaneously click here.

To sum up, it is always advisable that we should not wait for tomorrow to come if we want to start something. If done with proper planning and proper time management it is not tough to prepare for two or more exams simultaneously. In fact, start preparing early for law entrances will only prepare you for such similar future situations where you might have to do many tasks simultaneously. So, after enjoying well-deserved vacations you must start your preparations now.

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All the best!!