3 things to keep in mind for IPM 2016

IPM Aptitude Test
IPM Aptitude Test

Are you aspiring for IPM 2016?

IPM Aptitude Test 2016, to be conducted on May 13, 2016, is another chance for most of the management aspirants who have an itchy feeling about their performance in the recently held SET or Christ BBA entrance. To join IIM Indore’s prestigious IPM programme, you have to clear two rounds – the IPM entrance test and the personal interview.

The IPM Aptitude Test contains 100 questions to be attempted in 120 minutes. In this setting, students have a tendency to panic during the exam. The reason behind this can be lack of strategy or proper selection of questions or both. Here are 3 things to keep in mind for IPM Aptitude Test 2016:

  1. Verbal Ability: This section has 40 questions. The important thing to keep in mind is – If the passages (RC) are lengthy and questions are factual, then, it is advisable to attempt all the factual questions. It is also important to select the passages you would want to attempt first. Passages which are short or easy to read should be the ones to go for.
  1. Quantitative Ability: This section has 60 questions. The important thing to keep in mind for this section is – First attempt easy questions and then try to attempt calculation intensive ones. In case of time constraint, you can avoid calculation intensive questions so that you can solve maximum questions in minimum time.
  1. IPM Aptitude Test is quite similar to CAT minus the LRDI, hence, do not fix the target attempts beforehand. Rather adapt as per the paper, increase your attempts if the paper is easy or decrease it in case of a difficult paper.

All the very best for IPM Aptitude Test 2016!

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See you on 13th May!