12th Board Exam Stress Solutions…. Aggression is the best defense

Board Exam Stress Solutions

How I beat the stress of 12th Board exams by taking up the challenge with aggression

How even after being a commerce student, I gained equal social acceptance like my engineer cousins

How I made my irritating, advising neighbors to seek advice from me at the age of 20

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Hey LSTian,

It’s ironic how an examination, the 12th boards which is otherwise meant to be the most celebrated in a student’s life is taken up as a high pressure situation. Read, tips for quick revision in board exams. The student is about to finish his school life, going through nostalgia and myriad of emotions. Pressure from society, family and loved ones about how his 12th results are going to judge his intellectual caliber, his social worth and to a major extent his character which may affect even his moral values. Our neighbors for instance, are more interested in our results rather than their own child’s career. Read, avoid these common mistakes in board exams. Our presence anywhere would make them act as a reporter quizzing us over our preparations, our career option etc. Therefore, through this post we are bringing to you board exam stress solutions. Read on.

Well students believe me, It’s a phase, it’s not as controversial as it appears, but surely something you should take as a memorable one. A phase where most students don’t perform well just because they undergo this pressure and give up as they think more about the above mentioned pressures rather than living it as the time of their life. So how do we bring a change in this scene, how do we Ensure that board exam stress solutions prepare us to counter this phase.

It’s simple. Aggression is the best defense. Prepare yourself and make sure you are not mowed down by their expectations on the face of your own expectations from life. Dream about your own life. Chart out a plan where things are big and are believable. You have the ammunition to blast out anything which is negative in front of you. Remember, people usually don’t understand what they can’t digest. Make it the cue. I know most of you might be thinking it’s easy to say how would we do that. Let me tell you how I did it. May be you would understand board exam stress solutions in a practical way.

When I was in 11th standard, I had made up my mind that I won’t follow the orthodox family tradition of doing engineering, no offence to the profession but I thought highly of myself and wanted to do something which many people are not doing, and many people don’t understand. But yes, I made sure I am in total control of what I want to do. I read an article in India Today about how a National Law School in Bangalore was shelling out placements to its students and maintaining a record of 100% placement for the past 6 years and it was even placing students abroad. I did my own reading and research. I questioned myself if I had it in me? For the purposes I even got the past year papers of the examination and found out that it’s easier than engineering entrances, C.A. C.S and yeah the best was many people were not aware about the same. By January I had neighbors, relatives judging me for being a commerce student as a total waste. Read, Make your boring subject an interesting one. But the moment they asked me the question about my career option I used to give them an answer they used to wonder what am I up to? I never used to tell them I want to do Law. I used to say, I want to be a Space Law Consultant and work with NASA and ISRO towards developing new age legal framework. To others I used to say I want to be a Mergers & Acquisition Consultant [I knew everything about it and what National Law Schools were doing related to it. It used to baffle them on how can a commerce student could do something related to space? And then I used to tell them the world is growing, please keep pace with it. You are getting old. My deal was done. The tension which they used to give me. I gave them back. I had the confidence of not being bogged down For people who were truly concerned I used to take out time and tell them what my plans were . I remember in school, it was Reji madam (a teacher of mine) to whom I disclosed my plan to do law from the National Law School and she supported me as she knew about the National Law Schools.

So the idea is simple my dear students. Let not stereotypes make your life miserable. Live these days of your life to the best. Each time I come into a school campus and see you all I literally hate you, because you all are living the life I miss and given a chance I would trade my life with you. I think I could have done more with it, I could have learnt so many things with it, I could have done so many more mischief [decent ones] during the same. Throughout my college life I missed the care the teachers gave me. Though strict and stern [yes we used to be dealt with more harshly than you all were and we are lucky then the Human rights norms were not there] we accredit the sternness in school, to the character which is instilled in us. And all this would end with school life.

The examination would be the last examination where your teacher would take a holistic interest. The examination shall make you eligible for being referred to as a college student and not a school student. It will end the excitements of a parents teachers meet [believe me, yes you will even miss it]. The report card look more humane in a school than in a college as in college, your placements shall matter on their basis. Life is going to be one sweet pressure..where what you are going through is just nothing but an adventure

As for me, it worked hard keeping positive things in my mind and taking head on the challenges which I gave people by calling them old and outdated and I remember, cause I did not have pressure on me. I fairly did better in my life and became not what I aspired for or advertised when at your age. But I feel better than that. The biggest high for me still remains when one of the neighbors who as such used to give me career advice and used to think that by doing law I am not doing any good, when I was in the fourth year, coming over to my house to seek legal advice from me. It was a case of domestic violence and when I ended my legal advice I told her, Aunt, if your daughter would have done law, this would not have happened. Call it a sadistic pleasure but it was nothing to what she used to do to me when I was in class 12th. It mattered more for me because the submission of this advising neighbor was in front of my parents, who were the only ones who mattered to me. So Just keep in mind, don’t handle the pressure, reflect it. Be aggressive, arm yourself with knowledge and keep working hard to prove yourself right. And when you are confident, everything works in your favour. Whatever you want to be. Fashion designer, Architect, Disco Jockey, make sure you know everything about it and you know how to be good at it. Defend your choice. 12th boards are just an examination but make sure it becomes the best exam you have given as you want the 14 year old journey to end on a good note.

About pressure, let me draw an analogy. Remember even Sachin cracked under pressure when he was on his 99th century because he was also being scrutinized by media, critics {Like Sanjay Manjerekar who themselves did not have a very prolific career). It took him so many matches to finally score it. But look how Virat Kohli or De Villers score. You belong to their generation. No pressure, pure aggression and confidence of what you are doing is the key to board exam stress solutions.

Go Champs… Conquer thy feats….


Deepu Krishna

a Fellow LSTian…exams_770x494



  1. Hey this 1 was truly brilient ..i ‘m a class 12 bio student .. Having my boards… Well whomevr i tell dat m a hard core law aspirant, they juz make me feel lyk m doin a big mistake.. Bt ur post made me feel good…. Thnx 🙂