Cause I am a 90’s kid!

90's kid with technology
90's kid with technology

Childhood days have been the best time of my life. Interestingly, a large number of population feels the same. Well, no wonder why. However, by being a 90’s kid I am a little biased towards that generation for all obvious reasons.

Yes! I am a 90’s kid and we had the best television shows during those times including F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Wizards of Waverly place and Hannah Montana. Yes, I am a 90’s kid where spending time with family was a need and not a formality. Yes, I am a 90’s kid and we used to find happiness in small things like jellies and candies and we stayed miles away from today’s materialist world. Yes, I am a 90’s kid and we’ve had the best, legendary book series like Harry Potter and Twilight. Unfortunately, this rapidly changing time and exponential technological advancements have brought some unwanted changes among the children. I wonder where the innocence of these children has gone these days. Probably technology has taken it away. Rather than outdoor activities children are too much busy with PSPs nowadays. In today’s world, friendship means social networking (primarily Whatsapp and Facebook) and popularity comes with the number of followers these kids have on Instagram. Elementary/ Middle school girls have started dressing up and applying make-up like fashion models. Simplicity has lost its essence in this materialistic world. This tech-savvy world has no time for realistic learning. Thankfully I am a 90’s kid and I never had to trade my childhood for technology.