Top Geography career in India

Top Geography Career in India

In recent years Geography is coming up as a much asked for career options by the individuals with an interest towards countries, people, climate, culture etc.

Well, what is Geography? Geography as National Geographic Society defines is “the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments.”

And those who study Geography do not just study physical geography; they also get to study about various cultures and how these cultures and people of these cultures are influenced by their physical geographical conditions.

Let us have a look at top Geography career in India:

  1. Cartographer – Cartographers are also called photogrammetrist, these are mapping professionals. They gather, analyze, interpret and map geographic data collected from photos and surveys. These professionals are often hired by government agencies, publishers or electronic media. Cartography is considered to be the top most Geography career in India.

Expected Salary – $92,310 – $34,810 (per annum);

  1. Urban and Regional Planner- Urban planners usually get to work with the municipal bodies, development authorities and also with big construction firms. They work on zoning, land use and then plan transportation and other things.

Expected Salary – $98,060 – $41,040 (per annum);

  1. Surveyors- Surveyors measure the surface of the earth for engineering, map making and construction. They assist planners and cartographers by obtaining data, calculating mapmaking information and verifying the accuracy of maps.

Expected Salary – $91,110 – $31,220 (per annum);

  1. Faculty- It would require a post graduate degree if you want to teach postsecondary level. It would certainly require an effort but it would certainly be rewarding too. Not only the job security, respect and recognition that you would get in addition to the monetary benefits but also instilling your love of geography into future generation will also give you an immense satisfaction.

Expected Salary – $113,600 – $40,110 (per annum);

  1. GIS Specialist- Utility companies and municipal bodies often hire GIS analyst and programmers to review data and create maps. These professionals use various technologies like geographic information system. They track information like client address, service territory, and archeological sensitivities.

Expected Salary – $38,473 – $70,420 (per annum)


(Source- The expected salaries have been taken from and These are average salary globally, in India Geography salaries range anywhere between Rs.181, 200 – Rs.1, 120,000)


These are the few top Geography career in India. To know further you may please leave a comment with us.




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