Reasoning Ability Test Paper-2


In each question below, there is a statement, followed by three courses of action numbered (A), (B) and (C). A course of action is a step or administrative decision taken for improvement, follow-up or further action in regard to the problem, policy, etc. Take the information given in the statement is true, and then decide which of the suggested courses logically follow.

1. Statement: A team supervisor suspects that one of his team members has been fudging sales figures to show completion of target.

Courses of Action:

(A) He should confront the errant employee and issue a warning.
(B) He should keep a closer look on the sales numbers for individual team members and check the final report.
(C) He should ignore the issue, as it will lead to further headaches.

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. A, B
  5. None of these

2. Statement: The number of cases of drunken driving has been increasing at an alarming rate in the country.

Courses of Action:

(A) The government should enact strict penalties for those found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol.
(B) The traffic police should step up random checking of motorists to curb the menace of drunken driving.
(C) The government should keep tabs on all the areas where a large number of such issues have been reported.

  1. A,C
  2. C
  3. A, B, C
  4. A
  5. B

3. Statement: Nikhil, a class X student, has been bullying his classmates and insulting his teachers.

Courses of Action:

(A) Counsel Nikhil and try to get to the reason behind his aggressive behavior.
(B) Inform him and his parents that he will be debarred from writing the final exams.
(C) Ignore the problem as a normal school time behavior.

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. A,C
  5. C,B

4. Statement: Burglaries have increased in a neighborhood populated by old and retired people.

Courses of Action:

(A) The neighborhood association should increase voluntary patrolling of the streets by its members.
(B) All houses in the neighborhood should install burglar alarms.
(C) A night guard should be employed by the neighborhood to watch the street at nights.

  1. A, B
  2. B
  3. C
  4. A
  5. B, C

5. Statement: The Indian education system from schools to higher educational institutions is plagued by a massive manpower crunch.

Courses of Action:

A) The students should be given a break until adequate teaching staff has been hired.
(B) The authorities concerned should work onthe proposed national mission for teacher training.
(C) The educational sector should work on making jobs more lucrative to bring in talented people.

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. A, B
  5. None of these

6. Statement: A great number of companies from the manufacturing sector have visited ABC Engineering college this year. Which of the following substantiates the
above statement:

  1. The college was only recently started.
  2. ABC Engineering has earned itself a name by producing engineers with a great technical aptitude.
  3. ABC just changed its name to ABC from XYZ.
  4. There has been a great increase in the number of manufacturing companies this year.
  5. ABC Engineering college just lowered its
    fee by `5,000 per semester.

7. Effect: The Palestinian forces pulled out of the war. Which of the following could have been a probable cause for this effect?

  1. The Palestinian forces were gaining an upper hand.
  2. The Israeli forces had become a great deal weaker than earlier.
  3. The Israeli forces had gained the upper hand and were coming down hard on them.
  4. There was a lot of bloodshed on both sides.
  5. The Palestinian force had a lot of firepower left.

8. Effect: The Indian cricket team decided to pull out of the tournament. Which of the following is the probable cause for the above effect?

  1. The Indian team had recently become number one in the international rankings.
  2. The opposition had a very strong bowling attack than the previous time.
  3. Sachin Tendulkar had recently retired from One Day International cricket.
  4. The fielding standards now days have become very high.
  5. There was a very big threat to the security of the Indian cricket team during the tour.

9. Statement: Noida has developed very quickly during the recent years. Which of the following will weaken the above statement?

  1. The infrastructure of Noida has become world class.
  2. Recently, in a survey by a national magazine, Noida topped the list of the least livable cities in the country.
  3. The number of IT companies starting up in Noida is on an all time high.
  4. Noida recently beefed up its security following the rape case in New Delhi.
  5. The transport system in Noida has become excellent.



1. 2 The team supervisor should not immediately confront the employee and issue a warning because it is still a suspicion. Thus, statement (A) is not a logical course of action. The third statement, i.e., ignoring the problem, is also not the correct way to approach the situation. The best way is to keep a close tab on the workers. Hence, option (2) is the correct answer.

2. 3 Here, all the three factors contribute to curbing the menace of drunken driving. Hence, option (3) is the correct answer.

3. 1 The second course of action is a very drastic measure while the third course of action is not really a solution to the problem. The best thing to do is to counsel him. Hence, option (1) is the correct answer.

4. 5 The neighborhood comprises of old and retired people. Therefore, voluntary patrolling is not really an option. The course of actions suggesting the installation of burglar alarms and the employment of a guard is a viable option. Hence, option (5) is the correct answer.

5. 4 The temporary stalling of education is not really an option. The increased focus on national mission for teacher training is a good next step. Also, making the educational sector more lucrative is a good solution. Hence, option (4) is the correct answer.

6. 2 Only the second option will have any bearing on the number of manufacturing companies visiting ABC Engineering college in that particular year.

7. 3 Options (1), (2) and (5) would have resulted in the opposite of the stated effect. Option (4) has the same effect on both the sides. Option (3) is the only reason that could have caused the Palestinian forces to pull out the war.

8. 5 Only the last statement would have any significant effect of such magnitude so as to force a team to pull out of the tournament. The rest of the options will have no such effect.

9. 2 Only the fact that Noida has toped the list of least livable cities will weaken the argument that it has developed very quickly.

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