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Saturday, January 19, 2019
8 ways to enhance memory

8 ways to enhance your memory

Do face problems while recalling the things learnt in class or do you forget something that you’ve just read? If yes, all you need...
Renowned Lawyer K K Venugopal

K K Venugopal: Authority on the Constitution and Government Matters

Constitutional amendments require a nod of approval from both the houses of the parliament. After this, ratification by the State Governments and a presidential...
Blogs help understand Studies better

How to Utilize a Blog to Better Understand Your Studies

This post is by a guest writer Zoey Kasdan. She is a seasoned web designer with a passion for color psychology and the user...
Lawyers' Contribution: From Right to Equality to Government Policy

Lawyers’ Contribution: From Right to Equality to Government Policy

Preparing for CLAT? Would you want to know the kind of roles lawyers can play in policy making; constitutional amendments or the ones to Acts...
Lawyer Ram Jethmalani: A career that lists out India's most high-profile cases

Ram Jethmalani: The Careerist Legal Eagle

Ram Jethmalani is the legal eye par excellence in the field of law. If you are a budding lawyer, you would certainly not like...
5 English speaking rules you must know

5 English speaking rules you must know

English Language has become an indispensable tool in our communication. Whether it is personal or official communication, English language is widely used. Moreover, a...
Rajdeep Sardesai Career story

Rajdeep Sardesai: Fame not derived only from the Surname

Media & broadcasting industry continues to flourish in developed and developing countries for content ranging from that for general entertainment channels, sports and news....
Articles Usage - ‘A, An & The' in the English Language

Usage of Articles- ‘A, An & The’ in the English Language

In the 21st century, the language you use reflects a lot about your personality. From academia to corporates, your language and grammar are significantly...
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