English Cloze Test 9

Directions (Q. 1-10): In the following passage, there are ten blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested. Select the one that fits the bank appropriately.

The influenza A(H7N9) virus, a __1___bird flu strain that __2___ in China, has infected nine people and already killed three. Unlike the H5N1 virus that is widely __3___ in poultry in Asia, this strain is __4___ in several ways. The most important among them is that it has turned out to be lethal; the virus is capable of __5___ people within a very short span of time after infection. In the case of the first two victims, the time from infection to death was less than two weeks. The third person who died on March 27 __6___ the longest — 18 days. It also appears to have the same __7___ effect on elderly and young people. While the first person to die was an 87-year-old man in Shanghai, the other two were young adults, aged 27 and 35 respectively. Human-to-human transmission has not been found so far but that’s of __8___ comfort: Unlike the H5N1 strain, H7N9 infection in animals will go __9___ as the virus does not cause serious disease in birds. This is quite troubling, as researchers and health workers will be unaware of when infection sets in and __10___ spreads among birds.

(1) old
(2) novel 
(3) cool            
(4) noble 
(5) unnoticed

(1) subdued              
(2) spend
(3) popped          
(4) emerged              
(5) hold

(1) endemic               
(2) popular                
(3) known          
(4) famous                
(5) renown

(1) unique
(2) delightful              
(3) lovely          
(4) amazing               
(5) helpful

(1) hurting
(2) enjoying               
(3) killing           
(4) probing                
(5) tickling

(1) partied                 
(2) enjoyed                
(3) watched         
(4) stayed
(5) lived

(1) healthy                 
(2) lethal  
(3) mild             
(4) calming                
(5) energizing

(1) cold   
(2) hot
(3) great           
(4) peaceful               
(5) happy

(1) suspicious           
(2) dubious
(3) profound              
(4) sorry  
(5) unnoticed

(1) lousily
(2) clumsily               
(3) ardently        
(4) silently                 
(5) brilliantly

1. 2 The article ‘a’ before the blank suggests that ‘old’ and ‘unnoticed’ cannot be the answers. Since we are talking about a new virus, ‘novel’, (which means ‘new’ or ‘fresh’) is the most suitable option here.

2. 4  Of all the given options, ’emerged’ is the only one which is contextually correct here.

3. 1  Apart from the word ‘endemic’, rest of the options have a positive connotation to them. Since we are talking about a virus, ‘endemic’ best fills in the blank.

4. 1  As we are talking about a disease-causing virus, it cannot be ‘delightful’, ‘lovely’, ‘amazing’ or ‘helpful’. The only option which fits here is ‘unique’.Hence, the correct answer is option (1).

5. 3  Of all the given options, only ‘killing’ fits in the passage. Hence, the correct answer is option (3).

6. 5  Since the person died, ‘partied’ and ‘enjoyed’ are not correct options. ‘Watched’ and ‘stayed’ do not make any sense. Only ‘lived’ completes the sentence in a meaningful way.Hence, the correct answer is option (5).

7. 2 Going by the information given in the passage so far, ‘same effect’can only refer to ‘lethal’ effect.Hence, the correct answer is option (2).

8. 1  ‘Cold comfort’ implies limited comfort or inadequate consoling. Thus, ‘cold’ comfort fits the blank very well. Therefore, the answer is option (1).

9. 5  All the options other than ‘unnoticed’ are grammatically incorrect, and thus the answer is option (5).

10. 4  We require a word that implies the disease spreads quietly among the birds. The only word from the given options that matches is ‘silently’. Thus, the answer is option (4).