English Cloze Test 2

Directions (Q. 1-10) In the following passage there are blanks, each of which have been numbered. These numbers are given below the passage and against each, five words/phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word/phrase in each case.

Increasing fuel consumption, the resultant pollution and inefficient urban sprawl __(1)__ by incessantly expanding private motorized transport are all __(2)__ reasons for prioritizing public transport. Investing in public transport is now imperative. In this context, the recently announced Metro Railway Policy by the Ministry of Urban Development __(3)__ cities with more than two million population to plan and __(4)__ high-capacity and high-speed metro rail systems is a welcome directive. Since these large cities would accommodate the bulk of the __(5)__ urbanizing population in future, planning for their growth and __(6)__ is necessary. The metro rail, which takes on an average about 10 years to plan and fully implement, could play a significant role in __(7)__ their future. The successful Delhi experience has also __(8)__ the case of metro rail as an important urban transportation option and places such as Kochi and Jaipur have already commenced implementation. However, planners should not make the mistake of __(9)__ the metro rail as a panacea for all their urban ills. There are a few notes of caution they need to consider before __(10)__ the plunge.


(1) result
(2) cause
(3) caused
(4) form
(5) forming


(1) compelling
(2) compel
(3) compelled
(4) result
(5) resulted


(1) produce
(2) producing
(3) produced
(4) encourage
(5) encouraging


(1) implementing
(2) implement
(3) implemented
(4) implied
(5) implying


(1) burgeon
(2) burgeons
(3) bludgeon
(4) burgeoning
(5) bludgeoning


(1) mobile
(2) mobility
(3) mobiles
(4) docile
(5) sterile


(1) shaping
(2) shaped
(3) shape
(4) made
(5) shapes


(1) strength
(2) strengths
(3) strengthening
(4) strengthened
(5) strangled


(1) treat
(2) treated
(3) treats
(4) threaten
(5) treating


(1) dive
(2) diving
(3) dived
(4) taking
(5) dives


1. 3 The word required here has to be in simple past tense. Therefore, option (3) is the correct answer.

2. 1 Only ‘compelling’ correctly fits in the blank.

3. 5 ‘To plan’ in the latter part of the sentence suggests that the blank will take a word in ‘ing’ form. Option (2) is incorrect because ‘producing cities to plan’ will be logically incorrect.

4. 2 The sentence wants to convey the idea that a project is being planned and is being properly executed. Hence, the correct word to fit in the blank is ‘implement’.

5. 4 ‘Bludgeon’ means to beat badly. This will make the sentence logically incorrect. Therefore, option (5) is incorrect. Option (4) will make the sentence grammatically correct.

6. 2 ‘Docile’ means submissive and ‘sterile’ means unproductive. ‘Mobility’ refers to the quality or state of being mobile.

7. 1 Only ‘shaping’ makes the sentence grammatically correct.

8. 4 ‘Strangled’ is not correct because we are looking for a word that shows the positive impact of the Delhi experience. Also, we require a word in simple past tense. Of the remaining options, ‘strengthened’ is the best word to fill in the blank.

9. 5 Only ‘treating’ makes the sentence grammatically correct.

10. 4 ‘Take the plunge’ is an idiom which means to do something important or difficult that you have been thinking about doing for a long time.