English Cloze Test 14

Section – IV : English Language

1. Passengers who finally got to disembark from a disabled Carnival cruise ship in Alabama will checking into hotels or heading home by bus

  1. check into
  2. are checking into
  3. checked into
  4. no change required
  5. have check into

2. Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley pressed lawmakers to abolished the death penalty at a pair of charged hearings on Thursday, invoking morality and fairness while arguing that capital punishment is at odds with “our values as a people.”

  1. to abolish
  2. for abolish
  3. to abolishing
  4. for abolished
  5. no change required

3. A four-paragraph story in People’s Daily said Valentine’s Day had become a hatchery of decadent ideology, indulgent lifestyle, fraud and corruption for some party members who squandered money indulging their lovers

  1. who squandering
  2. squandered
  3. when squandering’
  4. while squandering
  5. no change required.

4. Indian Railways, because of its large public service footprint and load of unremunerative projects, is inherently “unbalanced” financially.

  1. were inherent
  2. inherently will be
  3. must be inherent
  4. are inherently
  5. no change required

5. In a clear snub to AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh for his remarks against TMC chief Mamata Banerjee, Congress today said that he was “not officially authorized” to speak to the media.

  1. he is “not officially authorized”
  2. he will “not be officially authorized”
  3. he were “not officially authorized”
  4. he shall “not be officially authorized”
  5. no change

In each of the following, there are four words given in which two words aremost nearly the same or opposite in meaning. Find those two words and indicate the number ofthe correct letter combination.

6. (A) Compliant (B) Amenable (C) Genial (D) Stable

  1. A-C
  2. B-C
  3. A-B
  4. A-D
  5. B-D

7. (A) Droughty (B) Fear (C) Arid (D) Bent

  1. B-C
  2. A-D
  3. A-C
  4. A-B
  5. C-D

8.  (A) Demur (B) Handle (C) Objection (D) Throw

  1. A-B
  2. B-C
  3. C-D
  4. D-A
  5. A-C

9. (A) Ability (B) Proximity (C) Boldness (D) Audacity

  1. D-A
  2. C-D
  3. B-C
  4. B-D
  5. C-A

10. (A) Exult (B) Exalt (C) Praise (D) Execute

  1. C-D
  2. B-D
  3. B-C
  4. A-D
  5. A-B


1. 2 ‘Heading’ suggests that the sentence is in present tense. Only option (2) is in agreement with the tense and makes the sentence grammatically correct.

2. 1 The phrase in bold should be in simple present tense.

3. 5 The sentence is correct in its given form.

4. 5 The sentence is correct in its given form. ‘Indian Railways’ is a single entity. It is not a plural phrase

5. 5 The sentence is correct in its given form

6. 3 ‘Compliant’ means ready and willing to comply and so does ‘amenable’.

7. 3 ‘Droughty’ and ‘arid’ are similar in meaning to each other.

8. 5 ‘Demure’ refers to the act of disagreeing about something. So, the word closest in meaning to the word is ‘objection’.

9. 2  ”Boldness’ and ‘audacity’ are similar in meaning to one another.

10. 3 ‘Exalt’ means to praise someone highly.