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Monday, October 22, 2018

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CLAT 2019 to be conducted Offline

In a significant development, the recently constituted NLU consortium has decided to conduct CLAT 2019 in offline mode. CLAT went online in the year...
JEE 2019

Most effective revision techniques for JEE 2019  

After months of swimming through the ocean of physics, chemistry and mathematics, you finally land on the shore. Quite a ride, wasn’t it? Now...

Passing Criteria for CBSE Class X students

The Central Board of Secondary Education has extended the passing criteria that it had adopted for the Class X students of the 2018 batch....
CBSE Board Maths exam

5 tips to score 90+ in CBSE Board Maths exam

The theories and principles of Mathematics apply to different fields of life. But despite the relevance, for many students, Mathematics remains the most difficult...

Experience India’s 1st Amazon Alexa-enabled MBA & Law test preparation

Yes, you heard it right! Now you can boost your preparation for MBA and Law entrance exams with advanced skills especially designed for Alexa,...

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