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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Machine Learning is for everyone say employees at Career Launcher

Can Machine Learning be taught? Should Career Launcher start a program in machine learning? Is it too early to get into the business of...

Will Machine Learning make current jobs obsolete?

Of late, certain assumptions have been made regarding the threat that machine learning will potentially pose in the future. One such assumption is that...

Why should you learn machine learning?

Just as electricity had transformed life some 100 years ago, followed by the sensational invention of the internet which had practically replaced traditional desk...
cs foundation update

What is the date sheet of CS Executive exam Dec 2018

The date sheet for CS Executive Dec 2018 exam has already released by ICSI ,for your reference it is given in a tabular form below:CS...
cs foundation update

What is the date sheet of CS Foundation Dec 2018 exams

The performance date has come for CS Foundation Students Dec 2018 exams .Your date sheet is given below :CS Foundation  Dec 2018 ExamPaper 1:...

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